Our response to the situation associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Coronavirus is currently dominating business and social life around the world. Most of the decisions made today are dictated by its presence and efforts to minimize its negative impact on a growing number of people. Prevention and protection of people are the most important goals in the fight against this dangerous enemy.

In the BOP Group (Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp.z o.o. and Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sprzedaż Sp.z o.o.), we have implemented many solutions aimed at minimizing the risk of coronavirus spread. We are actively monitoring the situation related to COVID-19. We operate based on the following key objectives: health and safety of employees, contractors, hauliers, safety and protection of working places, as well as maintaining business continuity in cooperation with customers and suppliers. In order to efficiently manage these processes, we have introduced a number of solutions to prevent the spread of the virus to employees, on facilities and materials.

The BOP Group actively cooperates with its Shareholders and closely monitors the recommendations of government and local authorities, as well as public health organizations. Our priority is to comply with applicable guidelines, standards and requirements and to ensure business continuity while maintaining security and safety principles.

 In the BOP Group, we are in the front line to fight against coronavirus, and thanks to the values ​​that guide us in our daily work, we can strongly support those who fight for human health and life during this pandemic. We provide our customers with products that supply industries supporting health care, hygiene and medicine. We supply the Polish polyolefin conversion market with materials that are used to manufacture protective parts of face masks, we also supply our customers with products that are also used to manufacture parts of protective suits, packaging of hygiene products such as soaps, disinfectants and many others products.

Our employees and plants

The professionalism and flexibility of our employees allow us to carry out our tasks in this difficult time. We have implemented the best practices in production plants in Płock. These include our pandemic preparedness plans and appropriate response in these types of situations. We implemented, among others the following precautions:

•         Monitoring the body temperature of people going to our production facilities and logistics platform

•         Equipping drivers with masks and protective gloves

•         Maintaining the recommended physical distance between people

•         Sanitization of workspaces

•         Hygiene education

•         Remote work of back office staff

Regardless of where we carry out our business tasks, in production plants or in home offices, we remain in full readiness to meet the needs of our clients.

Thank you!

We thank our customers for their trust and great continuous cooperation very much. We are grateful to our employees for the efficient implementation of their duties in the new business reality. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the fight against pandemics.



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