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BOP Perspectives – film competition

One of Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o. (BOP) renowned flagship projects concerning corporate social responsibility is the educational competition called ‘BOP Perspectives’. The campaign is aimed at high school students.

Since 2009, BOP has been organizing this campaign to promote pro-environmental attitudes, disseminate knowledge of plastics and their broad variety of environmental benefits, as well as their importance to sustainable development.

This school year ‘BOP Perspectives’ is a realized in a form of a film competition for the best screenplay with plastic as the main actor. Based on three best screenplays, there were made three films which are still competing to be watched the biggest number of times on YouTube channel. We are counting viewers until 3 April 2017. The films are short, they last few minutes and they have English subtitles. So have a break and watch some films!

You can watch them by clicking these links:

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