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Technical Support

BOPS’s extensive professional sales network also includes technical support.

Our technical advisors support the sales process by providing Customers with all necessary technical information concerning products offered by BOPS, as well as technologies used for their manufacturing. Technical advisors also inform Customers about the wide range of applications of polyolefins, and the optimum use of their physical and mechanical properties and utility advantages. 

The local technical support from BOPS means:

  • Constant, fast and direct advisory services for Customers regarding the application of all polyolefins offered by LyondellBasell, including the newest generation of special materials such as high-crystallinity homopolymers of polypropylene (e.g. Adstif), or metallocene plastics such as Metocene, or special polyolefin grades with unique properties, such as Adsyl, Clyrell, Adflex and Softell.
  • Assistance with complex technological solutions associated with, for example, the properties and processing of plastics manufactured both in Płock and in other LyondellBasell plants.
  • Open access to labs and research centres in Płock, Frankfurt, and Ferrara.

Contact to our technical adviser for our Customers in Poland

Tomasz Listoś, Phd, Application Development and Technical Service Manager for Injection Moulding and Thermoforming

Tel. +48 693 930 291                        


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