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The safety of employees and business partners is of the utmost importance to the company.

The BOP Group has implemented, and maintains, the Total Recordable Rate (TRR), which reflects the culture of safety prevailing in our Group.

To analyze the events that may potentially carry a high risk, the BOP Group employs the Tripod Beta Practitioner method. One of the most important factors in improving safety is the near-miss reporting system, which allows us to effectively eliminate any threats of accidents.

The BOP Group maintains the good technical condition of its devices and facilities, and this is verified on a regular basis by the State Fire Service, the Office of Technical Inspection, the National Labour Inspectorate, the Province Inspector for Environmental Protection, and the County Sanitary Inspector.


Since 2010, the BOP Group has been conducting a campaign:

GOAL ZERO – zero errors, zero accidents.

Its duration is indefinite.

The campaign describes the philosophy of our day-to-day conduct, and it shapes our mentality and approach towards safety in the workplace and beyond.

The goal of the campaign is to make our employees and business partners aware of the principles of safe conduct, and to have them acquire correct habits in that regard.

As part of the GOAL ZERO campaign, every year in our company we organize a Safety Day where we practise evacuation drills in all production facilities and administration offices, and provide training related to occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

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