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Customer Service

BOPS is the sole representative from the LyondellBasell Group in the field of polyolefin sales in Poland. For our Customers, this results in a simplified and consistent sales process for products manufactured in other plants of the LyondellBasell Group.

The main task of the Customer Services Department at BOPS is to provide our Customers with a comprehensive sales services which is in line with the highest global standards, from order placement through to warehouse delivery.

We are part of a global organization, and our practices follow from the many years of experience of LyondellBasell, a leader in the global polyolefins market.

Assuring top quality, we focus on direct sales and services for Customers who purchase quantities by the truckload. Services for Customers buying smaller quantities are carried out by a network of highly qualified Authorized Distributors.

The wide range of applications of the SAP system, which is fully integrated with the global LyondellBasell system, allows for unlimited access to information on all products in the entire logistic chain. Our Customers receive the appropriate product as quickly as possible from the plant best suited to provide it.

BOPS Customers can always depend on full support from our specialists. We provide complete information on the current status of Customers’ orders, or any other matters related to their purchase.

We believe that the best way to succeed is to listen closely to our Customers, and to respond to their suggestions. Therefore, beside day-to-day contact with Customers, we conduct regular Customer Opinion Polls. The results of these polls show us the direction of our future activities and help us to set our goals. We believe that satisfied Customers are our single most valuable asset.

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