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Environmental Protection

Environmental impact

We pay particular attention to environmental protection. We do our best to ensure that our operations not only comply with prevailing environmental standards, but surpass them.

Polyolefins benefit the environment in many ways – they protect both the climate and non-renewable natural resources.

We hold several prizes and titles confirming that care for the environment is one of our operating priorities. We received the President of the Republic of Poland’s prize in the 6th Edition of the ‘Environmentally Friendly Company’ National Ecological Contest, and the ‘Company Close to the Environment’ national ecological prize which is held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of the Environment.

We pay special attention to, and monitor, the air pollution emitted by our facilities, and the quantity and quality of discharged sewage. We ensure safe solid waste management. We comply with all the legal standards and regulations in that regard to ensure that our impact on the environment is as small as possible.

We are the holders of the Environmental Management ISO 14001 certificate confirming that our company implements the most rigorous environmental protection standards. We obtained all of the required permits regulating the entire environmental management system in BOP, including the following:

  • Integrated permits for PEII plants (159/14/PŚ.Z) and for PEIII and PPIII plants (101/17/PZ.Z).
  • Water permits for PEII plants (166/16/PZ.W) and for PEIII and PPIII plants (167/16/PZ.W).
  • Greenhouse gas emissions PEIII i PPIII plants (3/20/PZ.E).
  • Seveso Directive all plants (WZ.5513.26.2.2017, dated November 8, 2017 ).

Responsible Care Program

An important element of the pro-environmental measures taken by the BOP Group is its participation in the Responsible Care Program. As part of this program, we have developed a system of reducing emissions and quantities of waste.

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