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Corporate Social Responsibility

The BOP Group is a socially-responsible enterprise. We develop our business potential and we provide the domestic companies, which operate in the field of processing and distribution of polyolefins, with growth opportunities.

Thanks to numerous business successes, we are also able to actively support important social initiatives. The BOP Group attaches great importance to the promotion and implementation of economic and social projects. As one of the largest employers in the region, we organize and support educational initiatives, help the local community, promote healthy lifestyles and sponsor sport events.

As part of its efforts related to corporate social responsibility, the BOP Group actively contributes to the Foundation of the Grant Fund for Płock. We support numerous projects and institutions whose purpose is to promote positive social and economic initiatives.

The most important ones include cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology in Plock, participation in the Clean Up the World campaign in Płock, sponsorship of the Soczewka Run (organized by the Fitness Promotion Association, TKKF), and the Handball Section of the Wisła Płock sport club. One of BOP Group’s flagship projects is the educational campaign related to Earth Day celebrations.

As part of our efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of the Płock region, we supported the renovation of historic sculptures in the Diocese Museum and the renovation of the altar in the Płock Cathedral. We added to the collections of the Museum of Mazowieckie Province in Płock, and we contributed to the expansion of the Art Gallery in Płock.

BOP Perspectives

One of BOP Group’s renowned flagship projects concerning corporate social responsibility is the educational competition. The campaign is aimed at high school students.

Since 2009, the BOP Group has been organizing the campaign to promote pro-environmental attitudes, disseminate knowledge of plastics and their broad variety of environmental benefits, and their importance to sustainable development.

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