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All products from the Hostalen and Spheripol plants in Płock are stored, packed, and shipped using our Logistic Platform. This is an important part of the European supply chain system for LyondellBasell and the BOP Group.

The core of Płock’s Logistic Platform, which covers an area of more than 95 thousand square metres, is a set of 63 huge silos of 400 tons capacity each.

The structure of the Logistic Platform allows for full flexibility of packing. Precise vehicle scales for loading tank trucks can be installed under each of the silos, along with a high-speed bagging machine (with a capacity of 2,000 bags or 50 tons per hour). Thanks to such equipment, the tank trucks can be loaded quickly and precisely without the risk of exceeding their loading capacity. The bagging machines, together with automated pallet loaders, are among the fastest machines on the market, loading a highly efficient 1,375 kg per pallet.

Thanks to the application of the new loading system, in one hour the Logistic Platform is able to handle an average of 8-10 trucks per hour. Daily, we can load up to 200 vehicles.

As well as road transport, we provide intermodal shipments using 30-foot containers (and/or swap trailers). By using  the available rail network, reloading terminals and appropriate unloading platforms, we can send them to our Customers – who very much appreciate these types of environment-friendly transportation solutions.

The Logistic Platform, constructed and equipped in accordance with the highest European standards, is one of the largest free-standing warehouse units in the industry. It is an important step in raising Customer Service standards by the BOP Group.

Deliveries to Customers in Poland

In most cases, polyolefins produced in Płock are sold according to the DAP rule (Incoterms 2010) and delivered to the Customer’s warehouse. BOP is responsible for transport and cargo insurance. Under this system, the Customer is free from having to organize their own transport, and so avoids the risks related to managing shipments. If  traffic problems occur which result in damage to the shipment or prevent its delivery, the BOP Group will provide a new delivery.

To ensure a high standard of shipment services, the BOP Group uses reputable Polish and foreign carriers which meet the SQAS standards and follow the best practices of the ECTA – European Chemical Transport Association.

In order to ensure the shortest possible delivery time on the domestic market, we have developed a system with the best carriers in the Customer’s local area.

Therefore, in most cases the services are provided to Customers by the same carrier. This helps to develop effective cooperation schemes, and streamlines the exchange of information between the Customer and the BOP Group.

BOP Group’s rigorous carrier selection criteria, in terms of timeliness of deliveries, flexibility of services provided and ongoing quality assurance of the services, ensure that the BOP Group’s supply chain is safe, efficient, and effective.

Pallet Return System

The Hostalen and Moplen products are packed in accordance with the packaging specifications of LyondellBasell.

1,375 kg of net product is loaded on a single unit (a pallet). Each product is packed in 25 kg FFS bags with the LyondellBasell logo, or in neutral bags without a logo – in case of off-spec products. After palletizing, each loading unit is wrapped in stretch hood pallet wrapping.

For the palletization process, the company uses pallets provided by PRS. PRS stands for Pallet Return System. It is an organization which deals with the production, distribution, repair, recycling and return of pallets from Customers. Most of the European polyolefins market uses the pallet return system. PRS pallets, in accordance with the strict technological requirements of the production process, are rugged, sturdy, and uniform in terms of dimensions. Each pallet is permanently labelled with the PRS logo and marked in green.

The recycling system, which is widely used in Europe, allows the processors of plastics to minimize the warehouse space being taken by pallets. It also contributes to environmental protection. Pallets are owned by PRS, which picks them up from the BOP Group’s Customers. A PRS representative contacts our Customers using information received by the BOP Group, and makes a convenient appointment.

Safety Rules on the Logistic Platform

The BOP Group carries out several activities related to occupational health, which are also intended for transportation companies. They concern, among other things, the rules governing the organization of the loading process on the Logistic Platform in Płock.

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