Standards - Basell Orlen Polyolefins


We offer Polish processors the products made in our plants in Płock, as well as other polyolefins from LyondellBasell’s portfolio produced outside of Poland.

Thanks to their various physical properties, these products are used in many processes, are used by most market segments, and are much appreciated by the largest plastics processors on the consumer as well as the industrial market. This includes the production of packaging, films and foils, textile and clothing products, and automotive parts and pipes.



BOP is one of the largest companies in the Polish petrochemical industry. Its line of business includes the production of plastics such as polypropylene and high-density polyethylene.

The quality of our processes and products, and the long-term satisfaction of our stakeholders, is achieved through:

  • Promotion of a positive work culture based on the full involvement of all employees. We follow the principle that any accident or health threat can be prevented.
  • Taking action to increase the satisfaction of our Customers. We continually develop our products, provide technical advice, and improve customer service procedures.
  • Compliance with the prevailing regulations and other national and international standards through observance of ‘Best Engineering Practices’.
  • Improving and implementing procedures for preventing emergencies and identifying the risk of accidents and health hazards. Our goal is to minimize the risk to people, the environment, and the company’s assets.
  • Following occupational health, safety and environmental protection requirements when making any strategic decisions.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and providing a friendly work environment.

To ensure that those priorities are followed, we have implemented and continuously improved the Integrated Management System. It is compliant with the following international standards of ISO.

Our commitment to and compliance with the above is confirmed by the Integrated Management System certificate issued by Bureau Veritas Polska Sp. z o.o.

We create the world of plastics
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