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Consumer applications

Household goods

Our Customers choose PP Moplen grades for the production of household goods. Homopolymers, random copolymers and block copolymers meet the processors’ requirements for the highest aesthetic qualities and exceptional utility functionalities in the following applications: tote boxes, utility household goods and interior finishing items.

High fluidity copolymers are used to produce thin-walled containers and utility goods, which are characterized by increased melt flow rate, complex cross-sections and are free from internal stresses.

The Clyrell grades provide a good combination of high transparency and impact resistance in low temperatures, and they can also provide great aesthetic qualities. The processors select the Adflexgrade to produce household goods which must be flexible and maintain good stability in different temperatures, including heating in a microwave or washing in a dishwasher.


When seeking the applications for indoor and outdoor furniture, Customers turn to PP Moplengrades due to their excellent mechanical properties and high productivity.

On the other hand, Clyrell and Adstif grades provide better aesthetic properties and functionality, comparable to traditional materials used in production of high quality furniture.

Sport, entertainment and toys

Processors operating in the consumer segment choose various PP and PE grades, as well as special grades offered by BOPS for the production of high-quality sports and recreation items and toys.

The PP Moplen grades have high aesthetic qualities, are capable of setting market trends, and are characterized by good cost-to-efficiency ratios.

The HDPE Hostalen grades are used for the production of large toys by extrusion blow moulding, whose surfaces must be of a very good quality. As far as recreational goods and toys are concerned, the Clyrell grades are used for the production of shiny or metallic surfaces with high resistance to fractures and stress whitening. These grades can be also used for producing transparent goods with very high impact resistance.

The Adflex grades will meet all consumers’ demands in terms of comfort, softness and flexibility.

A wide assortment of PP Moplen grades meet the expectations of processors from the crates segment of the market – that is, crates used for transporting foodstuffs and other goods. Lightweight folding systems, impact-resistant crates, long multi-use containers and crates resistant to stress whitening are some of the applications sought by the Customers who use BOPS grades.

The Clyrell grades, with high transparency and durability, are used to produce transparent crates with high impact resistance.

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