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Potable water pipes

As one of many applications, polyethylene pipes are also used in potable water supply systems. For those applications, our Customers use our HDPE Hostalen grades.

On the other hand, Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) HDPE grades may be used in both cold and hot water supply systems. 

The operational life of potable water supply pipes made from Hostalen and Lupolen grades, as defined by the ISO 9080 standard, is 100 years.

Due to its high flexibility and its ability to withstand large pressures and elevated temperatures, the piping applications also use polybutene-1 (PB-1) grades. At the Minimum Required Strength (MRS) of 12.5 MPa, and for extrapolated durability of 50 years at a temperature of 20℃, this material may be classified as PB125.

Natural gas pipes

The introduction of plastics has created tremendous opportunities for constructing distribution and transmission networks for natural gas fuels. In this segment, a key role is played by PE systems. In Poland, the first application of PE pipes for the construction of natural gas networks dates back to the beginning of the 1970s. At present, they are the most common material used for gas network construction.

The Hostalen and Lupolen high density polyethylene grades offered by BOPS are used for producing natural gas pipes and installations. Due to their qualities and verified performance, these grades constitute model materials for the entire sector.

The application of the breakthrough ACP technology enables production of high performance PE grades. These grades are chosen whenever the following characteristics are sought in the final product:

  • Excellent tightness of systems.
  • Very high flexibility of pipes.
  • Excellent durability of products.

Natural gas pipes produced from HDPE Hostalen meet all national and international standards (e.g. ISO 4437).

The HDPE Lupolen grades offered by BOPS are used for the installation of PEX systems in local natural gas distribution systems, and for the production of metal composite pipes used in household installations.

Water and sewage pipes

The PE and PP grades, offered by BOPS and manufactured under the brands of Hostalen and Hostalen PP respectively, are used for producing pipes which are laid underground.

Processors choose our products for the following advantages they bring: 

  • High impact resistance, light weight, and ease of installation (even in very low temperatures).
  • Long term durability.
  • Resistance to corrosion, even in aggressive environments.
  • Good welding potential.
  • Reduced wall thickness.
  • Excellent processing properties.

Sewage and drainage pipes

Water and sewage networks require pipes that will be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Engineers, contractors and investors can state several advantages of using PE and PP grades for sewage and drainage pipes. The most important of them include long-term durability, simplicity and ease of installation, and significant cost savings.

Customers using the HDPE Hostalen  and the Hostalen polypropylene grades for the piping systems emphasize the following advantages for the end products:

  • High chemical resistance to aggressive environment.
  • Good resistance to wearing.
  • Ability to withstand large temperature fluctuations – up to 90℃.
  • High elastic modulus and high circumferential rigidity.
  • Excellent impact resistance at room temperature and below-zero temperatures.

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